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Marketing services offered at Entrebel


Services Overview

At Entrebel, you'll be a part of a collaborative process. You will have access to a team of experts dedicated to creating a memorable experience around your brand and sharing your story with your target audience. Below are just some of the many marketing services we provide to our clients.

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We will sit down with you to discuss your immediate and long term objectives, define your goals, answer your questions, and determine your target audience. From there we will work with you to create a strategic plan which you can choose to implement on your own or have us implement for you.

Social Media management 

Our team will craft custom messages and images and provide access to a monthly content calendar for your review. Each month you will have access to a report detailing the performance of your social platforms. We will create and manage ad campaigns for your specific audience and measure your ROI.

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email campaigns

We'll create monthly email campaigns to drive traffic to your website, increase awareness for promotions, and grow your email list. We will work closely with you and your team to define messaging and you will approve all communication prior to deployment.. We will track and measure all campaign activity including clicks, views and website traffic which will be shared with you via a customized dashboard.

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Copywriting & Blogging

Our writers will help tell your story in your own voice. Whether it’s website copy, blogging, or marketing materials, our team will craft a message and talk to your audience in a way that is compelling and engaging.

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Graphic design

Our graphic designers will work collaboratively to create pieces unique to your brand.. Each graphic will be created exclusively for your business and is yours to keep!

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Website design

In most cases, our websites are designed on WordPress. We use this platform because it offers customizable themes, flexibility, and a variety of useful plugins include SEO optimization. Our sites are custom created with copy and images specific to your brand, and will showcase your products and services in a professional manner.

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Video production

It’s no secret that the use of video in content marketing is on the rise. And it’s certainly not a tactic to be taken lightly. We create a compelling story for your brand through promotional videos. We will collaborate with you during the script writing process to produce a polished, custom promotional video that can be used on a variety of platforms including your website and social media pages.