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Is it a Priority?

You have time for the things you know deep down are important – not just the things that are immediately competing for your attention. Most of us start the day/week with a to do list, so this time write down your top priorities and stick to them. Don’t get distracted by the constant demands pulling you in every direction or you will find that you don’t have time for anything.

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3 Simple Ways to Generate Dollars for Your Non-Profit...TODAY!

Running a non-profit can sometimes seem like a triage situation. If it’s not bleeding (needing your immediate attention), it can wait. You have to move on to the next task to keep things running smoothly. There are three simple things you could be doing TODAY that would generate awareness and actual dollars for your non-profit organization.

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Tool Much of a Good Thing

There are a lot of great tools out there, and many of them cost next to nothing. The trick is finding the one that suits you and your business needs. As a solopreneur, I am bootstrapping most of my business. If you’re you’ve made it this far into this post, chances are, you are too. Unfortunately, there just isn’t a “one size fits all” tool for us digital marketers.

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