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3 Simple Ways to Generate Dollars for Your Non-Profit...TODAY!

Running a non-profit can sometimes seem like a triage situation. If it’s not bleeding (needing your immediate attention), it can wait. You have to move on to the next task to keep things running smoothly. You know that if you just had more time you could raise more money which would give you the freedom to hire more people. But with limited time/resources/manpower, it’s a never ending cycle of just trying to meet the immediate needs of your organization.

But if you could just pause for a second and consider that there are 3 simple things you could be doing TODAY that would generate awareness and actual dollars for your non-profit organization.

  1. Set up an account with Amazon Smile. It’s free and only takes a second. Your existing supporters can download the app on their smartphone so that a portion of all their online shopping automatically goes to your organization. Remember to send an email, post on social media and on your website so your supporters can get on board. It’s a little bit of work up front, but then you just sit back and let the pennies add up!

  2. Remind your donors that their company may have a corporate match program. Often times employees don’t know their company has this in place and it could be an easy way to raise extra dollars. A quick “cheat sheet” can be posted on your website or you could send a reminder when you send a thank you for the donation.

  3. Update or create social media accounts. And then post and share as often as possible! You might be nervous about annoying your followers with too much content. Let them decide! They can unfollow you or see less of what you post, but there will be plenty of people who love to see what you’re up to, what the organization is doing, and how they can help!