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Meet Katie

Hey there, I’m  Katie

Most days you can find me: daydreaming about being a singer songwriter and performing for my millions of fans. I think I was supposed have been born in the early 60s, but somebody messed up the schedule. Oh well, I’m here now and so is the music.

I am mostly known for: my love for music, comedy, and for some reason dancing.

People often refer to me as: skinny, attractive, smart and witty. None of those, really, but I’d like them to start. I’m probably best known for being sarcastic, nostalgic and creative. Not in that order.

I love serving the world by: making people laugh. Don’t things just seem less stressful after you’ve had a good laugh?

The things I am most passionate about in life are: People, music, good books, great ideas and delicious food.

I work with people to inspire and create an experience for their business. I create strategies for businesses that struggle with the digital space who are looking for a custom solution, but can’t figure out how to get started.

When I’m not busy working you can catch me: At home? It’s been brought to my attention that I’m kind of a homebody. I’m pretty happy hanging at home with the husband & kids.  In the summer, I love being in my garden, but I live in Wisconsin, so that only lasts a month. I really love to go record hunting and antiquing. And I love a nice meal with a large glass of red or a cold martini.

If you’re dying to hear more, here are 5 things you might not know about me.

How my kids see my dancing

How my kids see my dancing

1. I was a ballet dancer for over 20 years, but you wouldn’t know it. Both of my sons tell me I dance “like a mom,” to which I respond, “I am a classically trained ballerina! What do you know?!”

2. I have a real affinity for t-shirts. Not just creating, buying and wearing them, but gifting them to other people.  I also enjoy thinking of t-shirt ideas in my head; funny quips, word puzzles, quotes, cool patterns, etc. Check out my t-shirt shop here.

3. I broke my face riding my bike when I was 7 years old. Not my face, really. Just my orbital bone. I crashed into a tree and some of the bark got lodged in my eye. I had to wear a patch for a month. I’m so glad I’m not a pirate.

4. My all time favorite music genre is classic rock. My dad plays guitar and my mom has a wonderful appreciation of music. Guess it rubbed off. I'm still grieving Tom Petty's death. Even typing that made me tear up.

5. I hate remakes. All kinds. Yes, all of them.